Why do people underestimate others? Are people so keen to believe the worst that all reason goes out of the window? People see what they want to see and not what is staring them in the face.

I always look for the person behind what i can see. I judge for myself and do not base an opinion on first impressions. We all have inner strengths and characters that few will see or want to.

The beggar sat on the street could have a diploma and all we see is a dirty person begging for our money. The young single mother struggling with small children who we judge yet has amazing artistic talent. The mental health sufferer who we all pity and cross the road to avoid but has had a lifetime of abuse, yet would still help a stranger.

All i see are snap judgements… everyone judging others by their own poor standards. Does thinking the worst of someone make you feel better about your own life really? Does assuming everyone is beneath you make you a more important person? By underestimating someone shows your failure at basic level human interaction.

Unless you can accept others for who and what they are you will end up missing out on some amazing people who could enrich your life or potentially become a very good friend. And that person who you do underestimate could one day become invaluable to you. It’s fine to laugh with someone but not at them. Every time you point the finger remember there are 3 pointing back at you.

We all have to be prepared to be open to accepting that what we thought was wrong. We have to accept others may have hidden talents or strengths that we just can’t see yet.

It is human nature to judge someone but it is a strength in a person that looks past the seemingly obvious and look deeper to discover what really lies beneath.



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