Politics yuck

I know as a good member of society that I should follow the politics of my country and vote when called upon, but I really don’t care.

Perhaps the problem is that it is so boring?  Maybe it is the candidates?  Possibly because nothing ever seems to change?

I will vote for my favorite in Big Brother and X-Factor, which costs me a couple of pounds but will I get my butt out of the house to cross a box in a polling station… no.  Am I true of many of my generation or am I in the minority?

Every government seems to mess things up and blame the previous party.  Always trying to change everything to win our next vote, even when it doesn’t need to be changed.  When that goes wrong they claim that the last government has caused the problem and they are trying to mop the mess up.  But has anything really changed over the last twenty years?

We still have a housing crisis that is getting worse.  A benefit system that the approach has now turned to lifestyle choice.  NHS funding still inadequate.  Education being changed daily and new, exciting names given to old school teaching.  Each government adding to the nation’s problems with their ill thought out almost panic measures.

I was excited (well I sat through one programme) when we had the coalition government formed.  Would a joint approach stop the blame game and improve the country?  Not so much… we still have all the old excuses and problems magnified, except we can now blame two of the major political parties, giving the third a platform to mop up votes from all those disillusioned.

Is it any surprise that the relatively new player on the scene, UKIP, is seemingly cleaning house at the moment?  I do not agree with racism or segregation but I do believe that each country needs to concentrate on the people living in it (no matter where they were born originally) and not allow England’s welcome mat to become threadbare.

I do not think any one party has it right and I would probably welcome another coalition, but only because I don’t have faith in any one party.  If i had my way I would put them all in together and tell them to hammer it out.  Promises are great but when the actions are in direct contrast to everything we have been told, I start to feel very negative.  This has led to my non participation in voting for many years.

The USA is so much more fun.  Their canvassing and party political events are fun, energetic and one person is held accountable, not the whole party.  I appreciate that English people have a ground in resevered nature but really?

I am going to give my vote to the party that talks sense.  Forget the long words that, for many, are like IKEA instruction booklets and talk to me like you actually know what is going on in your country.  As a country we are drowning.  We are still being led by people that have no sense of life in the community.  Come to me with a realistic promise that is not only attainable but productive, then perhaps I will get dressed and walk in the rain (it always seems to) and cross your box.



One thought on “Politics yuck

  1. Katherine Macbean- I personally don’t vote because I don’t believe the system works. Our first past the post system is hardly democratic and I honestly believe that voting makes no difference. The banks and corporations, plus private elitists, make the decisions and ensure that with the 3 main parties they have their sympathetic candidates in place. Even another party were to emerge who seemed truly democratic and ready to move forward with genuine positivity, someone we could all believe in who would us above the 1%, then I’m convinced that party would be unhinged by the true powers. For us, the 99%, true freedom, sustainable living and equal ness then we must find this ourselves. The gov, whomever is elected, don’t really give two shits otherwise we would see a lot of things being done differently. We need to take care of ourselves, families, friends and local communities. We must become self-reliant rather than rely on these tossers who seemingly improve nothing. The ballot box is a dead end. Time WE changed politics. Xxx


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