Candy crush addiction?

As much as i hate to admit I am hooked on this really silly game… there is small element of skill but for the most part I am spending hours achieving nothing.

It became clear today as the damn app wouldn’t load, how addicted I am and this shocks me.  I try to think of myself as reasonable person who does not jump on the bandwagon of each new fad.  Yet here I am getting angry and stressed that I can’t play the next level and wondering if others can and are they going to over take me!

Perhaps we all have to have something mundane like Candy Crush in our lives to relieve the stress of everyday.

Thousands of people are addicted to online games that float around Face Book.  This became clear to me when i phoned my Mum and she said she only had 5 minutes to talk or her fruit would die on Farmville… seriously? 

There have been reports in the newspapers of children being neglected due to online games.

Do we hate our own lives that much that we need to use these as a form of escape?  When is it all becoming too much? When do we, as a society, get off our computer chairs and go engage with real people in real time and perhaps really grow some veg?…



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