Cyber bullying

How can people not see their faults? Not one of us is perfect, yet people happily use their keyboards in the isolation and security of their homes and portray themselves as saint-like. I wonder if social media is a good thing when seemingly normal people behave in a manner that is not fit for society.

Unlike real life, we do have the option to edit or erase what we say. But for many they feel justified in continuing with comments that have little merit or substance. Does being on social media and not engaging face to face, give someone the illusion they are untouchable and almost powerful?

I love that social media opens doors for those that, through illness (both physical and mental) have been lacking communication with a wide variety of their community. So i can not condemn social media. It is still in its infancy and as time progresses some kind of social etiquette will naturally be formed. Until this happens we will just have to endure many posts on face book, watching everyday folk playing out what should be private matters online for us all to see and judge. Even local law enforcement have not suitably developed enough to understand and regulate issues arising from social media.

Yarlington housing group have recently won a social pioneer award for their face book group, Yarlington Chat, and although they are to be applauded at the steps they have dared to take to communicate on the residents platform level, i have serious doubts at how other companys will start to follow suit, without a clear vision and laws in place.

I have been ‘attacked’ repeatedly on my sites and where as we all know about internet trolls ( those who post offensive comments in order to cause distress), the kind i am experiencing is home grown in Yeovil. A younger generation who feel they are within their rights to say what they like online and know they are untouchable. The people attacking me conform to mob mentality and bounce off each other in some bizarre online version of one up manship. Very often their parents have no idea what their little darling is doing on their mobile.

The concern being that if this new generation coming through has so little respect for themselves and others… how can we hope to have future good citizens who strive to improve the community in which they live. Everyone is so busy looking out for internet grooming that the fundamental issue of keeping our children safe from each other has been lost. Cyber bullying is so wide spread now, with several young people taking their own lives, that it is time we all stood up and challenged those who abuse others online and educate our children in online behaviour.

Companies need to have clear social media harassment rules and the police need to be equipped with powers to prevent and stop online abuse. So although i am heavily involved in social media, i am starting to wonder if i like it or if it has just become part of everyday life.

Can you honestly say that you haven’t checked your face book today, or peeked at a friends profile to see what they are up to… if someone came to your window peering in, you would feel outraged yet you tell the whole world on social media what you had for breakfast, when you’re going shopping, who you’re dating and what arguments you have had.

One suggestion would be if you don’t want people knowing your business… stop telling them!



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