Ungrateful nation

When will everyone stop thinking of themselves all the time? Fed up of hearing ‘woe is me’.. everyone has problems but compared to some you are very lucky.

Your kids may not get the best designer toy this year but do you love them any less? Would a child rather have the latest PS4 and be sat ignored and uncared for.. or would they rather have a board game and spend the day laughing in the knowledge that are loved more than anything?

So your house is cold and that must be terrible, but for some they have not got 4 walls to shelter in and have no idea if and when they will eat today. I know you are tired and this is draining you, but what of the carer that has not slept in days looking after someone who may not see Xmas. I could go on forever.

I am not belittling anyone who has a problem as they are all significant to us, but people have lost sight of the bigger picture. Most problems can be overcome or are simply a blip. You will still wake up tomorrow and fight another day. What of those that have such deep depression that just the thought of waking up the next is unbearable? Or sadly those that simply can not keep fighting and take their own lives? When we whine and moan about our issues, can we stop and think about the rest of our community and what they may endure daily?

If something is making you unhappy then you have to want to fix it and turn it around, someone is not going to do that for you. Many are stuck in abusive relationships that have no confidence to leave or accept they are worth more.

We as a society need to do more and just one kind deed a day could make a huge difference to someone else… So can we please be realistic with our problems and issues, think of others and the true meaning of ‘happiness’ to us, as i can guarantee that the answer is not the latest IPhone, big TV or where to go on holiday to get away from it all…



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