YTFC unite a Town COYG

ON a cold, wet Saturday afternoon I took my nine-year-old son to his first football match to support his home team.

Since we come from the Home Counties and supported a different team, I was unsure what to expect.

As I approached the ground the atmosphere was clearly building and the area a sea of green and white.

We found our seat near the away end. With a roar the air was filled with a united song… Yeovil True.

We sat and watched The Glovers lose but not once did the loyal fans stop singing their support. We have not missed a home game since. Too often today, life is too busy and simple things are overlooked.

I am guilty of this, but sharing a joint love of our local team, has made my son and me closer.

Venturing out on a freezing winter’s day, alongside an average 5,000 fellow Yeovil inhabitants, you feel a very real sense of camaraderie.

My son being welcomed into the throngs as an equal and having no fear of the thousands of strangers around him, is a feeling of true unity that you cannot replicate.

They have had a tough season, but for the most part, they have never behaved as the underdog during their new position in the Championship.

They have shown bigger and often better teams, that a small town in Somerset will not be intimidated and we have more heart and determination than any Premier league club.

Fans, loyal and loud, are supporting Gary Johnson’s green-and-white army. Strangers, standing together in a proud united front, bring back the days of a true community. Yeovil have been relegated and now return to League One, but they will come back a stronger, more experienced team and take it by storm.

Yeovil has had the pleasure and privilege to witness David tackle Goliath. They may not have achieved it this time, but I hold no doubt, they will return to face them again.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this season, win or lose, the fans have sung and cheered. This can be heard ringing out across town from Huish Park.

I would urge everyone to attend the last game of this season and show the boys how proud we are of what they have achieved.

I did not need to wait to find out if they were staying in the Championship before buying next year’s season ticket.

I can proudly say I love my adopted town and football team: “Yeovil true, through and through, whether we’re up or down.”



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