Why do we fear starting our own business?

We all look around and take for granted, how many businesses we come into contact with every day.  Every single object in our lives is making someone money.  Why do you not take a bit of that for yourselves?

Fear, is a huge element in many, this causes us to doubt ourselves and abilities.  We ignore the voice in our heads telling us to try and instead settle with mediocre, in favour of attempting a dream.

I am fed up of hearing how someone can’t do anything when they have never even tried. How can someone expect everything when they settle for nothing?  The solution to their problems is not going to come from watching Dragons Den; it is from getting out there and trying.

Trying is a difficult word.  To me, it gives me a sense of failing before I even start, if I am honest.  To ‘try’ means to make an attempt or effort to do something.  I prefer ‘endeavour’ which means earnest, prolonged, and industrious effort. Nothing worthwhile comes quickly and I wouldn’t want it to.  Perfection is unattainable, everything can be improved. We all see starting a business as something which we have to get right from the onset, when in truth, that is not realistic.

We are all on a learning curve and if we accept the times we get it wrong, then we can harness them to make it right.  How many partners have you had?  I will hazard a guess that very very few of us are with the first person we met. Why?  Because we meet someone, fall in love and think everything is wonderful.  Then we see the faults, we ignore them for a while but they mount up and before you know it, the relationship has failed.

If we equate starting a business with a new relationship, we wouldn’t go far wrong. Sometimes it won’t work but maybe you will find the love of your life.  We fight to improve and pour our hearts and souls into; we never care how many hours we have put in, or what it has cost us financially.   We believe in that person and do everything to make it work.  In some cases we seek outside help, we know the relationship is worth it and call in counsellors to show us where we lost our way, we talk to friends, and we watch endless gooey films to give us tips.

Business is just the same. There are many ideas all over the internet on how to improve your business, there are opportunities everywhere to teach you what you have missed or are lacking.  You put in the time and devotion then you can get a business that will stand the length of time.

If it fails, it’ll cost you less than a divorce to wrap it up and you won’t have to lose custody of your dog either.  We have all thought that we don’t want to find a partner through fear and rejection, yet we still do, so why should starting your own business be any different?


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