Thank the War Hereos

MILLIONS of people will be gathered around TVs tonight watching England play Uruguay and hoping that football is finally coming home.

It may be 48 years since we last brought the glistening World Cup trophy back to home soil but every four years the anticipation grows and we watch with bated breath as the lads go on the pitch and give it their best shot. Whether you like football or not, the spirit is in all of us. Houses are decorated, cars fly the flag proudly and endless partners are feeling very left out as a World Cup widow.

To have pride in our country is a must, especially as we edge closer and closer to becoming a minion of the European Union. England fought long and hard to retain our independence and many gave their lives to the cause so that we can now fly our flags with pride.

We may be a tiny country in comparison to the rest of the world but we certainly have power and a spirit to be reckoned with. This year marks the 100th anniversary since the outbreak of the First World War where thousands of our young men went off to fight for us. More than four million Englishmen went to war to defend our freedom and many never returned.

It would be ridiculous to try and compare 23 footballers representing this country in Brazil at the World Cup to the thousands who left home soil to defend our independence. However, thanks to the brave men who left their homes 100 years ago, we now have the opportunity to compete against the world as a strong united nation.

As we cheer Roy Hodgson’s team on, please do not forget the brave souls that enabled us to have this opportunity. When we fly our flags and proudly announce we are English, never forget that without the heroic efforts of previous generations we would have no flag in which to fly. I am fed up of hearing how it can be deemed racist to fly the St George’s flag. We live in England and it is our flag – we are proud to back our boys.

But equally I have no issue with seeing a flag from any country being flown. We should all be proud of our heritage.

Why are there divides in our town? Obviously those who have moved from other countries will have a different culture and beliefs, but are we not all the same at our core? England was not the only country to lose young men in many epic battles that spanned decades, but they were each fighting for the same thing – their country.

During this World Cup I hope that we can all enter into the spirit of patriotism and not forget why we have an English football team.

We have three lions on our shirt which symbolises the bravery and might of England. Whether we win or lose we try and will continue to do so every four years until the cup is back brought back to English soil.

Our children will watch the games and dream of one day being a part of the team.

For a few weeks a party spirit will hit England and displays of national pride will be seen all over the country. However, I do hope we all pause to remember those that made this possible



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