Entering Workplace is Difficult for Today’s Children

I WAS lucky enough to leave school and have a vast array of job opportunities. Companies were crying out for staff.

Today I see young adults leaving school and having very limited options. Even going to university is no guarantee of work now.

From December 2013 to February 2014, there were 868,000 16 to 24-year-olds out of work. Statistics show this has slightly improved but it is still a shocking figure.

Jobs clearly can’t be created from thin air but are we preparing our children for the task ahead. I recently found an amazing incentive and group called Inspired to Achieve, which help youngsters with confidence, training and entering the work place.

However, ventures like this rely heavily on grants and private funding. Shouldn’t this be what local councils or the government are funding?

Schools are trying their best but sometimes a more personal, determined approach is needed. How can we then hold judgement on them for being idle and not driven, when their options are so restricted?

There is work out there, a quick job search for Yeovil shows plenty, but more and more the requirements are so high that for normal school leavers they aren’t an option. College students with good qualifications are now taking the jobs that previously those with fewer qualifications took.

For those young people that have had children early, there is very little hope of them returning to the workplace, as childcare has become extortionate. How can we allow people to resign themselves to a life of benefits with little hope of change?

And should companies be doing more to empower the communities where they are based? Yarlington Housing Group has been very vocal in its dedication to training and assisting tenants to achieve more, supporting them in many different ways. It recently announced eight new apprenticeships.

With children now having to be in education until 18, I hope this means they are going to be better prepared with an education that is practical and desirable in today’s job market.

I fear that if attitudes and support do not change, then we are not only going to see yet another generation of benefit claimants but also an increase in anti-social behaviour and depression, as people will not have the opportunity to achieve a life that they desire. This knock on effect will pass down to future generations and society will crumble.

All those about to leave school, I wish the very best of luck to and hope that they achieve all they have aspired to.


InspiredtoAchieve Letterhead[2]web


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