Community Heroes

IS it ever acceptable to be so absorbed in your own world that you miss the bigger picture?

We all think our problems are greater than others and this is only natural, but what happens when we lose sight of empathy and compassion?

I regularly see young people striving to improve their future. Some are older and have dedicated their life to improving the lives of others.

They don’t ask for gratitude or any great financial gain, they do it because they believe it is the right thing to do.

Can we all say the same? I can’t. As much as I would love to believe that I am a good person at heart, I question myself when I am around others who do more than I could imagine.

It would be easy to question their motives and attempt to undermine their achievements, just to ease my feelings of inadequacy.

Can someone really devote their whole life to bettering the situations of others? I can never imagine having the capability or drive to change other’s lives significantly.

So does that make me selfish or does that make those who do extraordinary? Perhaps, in our own way, we do all help others to change their lives.

For those working with the new generation coming through and grabbing just a handful to inspire and motivate, the responsibility is huge. The actions and direction they lead them will determine how many future good citizens we have.

When I asked why someone did what he did, in terms of working with those in need, he told me that in ten years when they come back to thank him, with a life no one ever expected for them, it made him happy. Such a simple statement with so much meaning.

One person putting the time and care into another has such a ripple effect that it can still be very evident ten years on.

I applaud those who genuinely care and proactively assist others. I sometimes wish I had known people like this at critical crossroads in my life.

Would my life still be the same now if I had? Perhaps there will never be a time when it is too late to help someone – you just have to guide them.

If your true moral compass is North then I believe you are on a quest – a quest to assist, support and inspire others to greatness and that greatness can be something as simple as happiness.

Someone’s influence on another cannot be quantified – the only sure way to measure a person’s true status is to watch those around them. The look in their eyes and the respect they have been afforded will speak volumes.

The Western Gazette Pride awards do just that. They give all those selfless people, who go to great lengths to help others, the chance to be acknowledged. If we look around at the community we live in, we can see many examples of kindness and inspiration.

The kind of people that actively benefit the community, do not expect or require an award, but I think it is high time that we, as a community, give back and say thank-you to the unsung heroes who make the area we live a much better place for us and future generations.



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