Are Dogs still Man’s Best Friend?

THERE is nothing nicer than seeing a dog frolicking in a field, with a family throwing the ball and children chasing it.

But this is starting to become rarer to see. Are dogs really treated as our best friends anymore? Breeding puppies purely to get some money has been on the increase, and while there are reputable breeders who do it for the lineage and love of the breed, there are hundreds more who see it as a way of tax-free cash.

The internet is full of sites where advertising is free and money is to be made, few bother with checks and have no real idea where their pup is headed. I get so angry when I see a dog re-homed time and time again, especially when it has grown and not cute any more. When we choose to have a dog, then we should be looking as far into the future as we can, with some breeds living up to 18 years.

I am so tired of seeing the excuse that people have to move home or are having a baby so have no time or room for the dog. I understand that for some the reasons are genuine but I am so frustrated at seeing more and more irresponsible owners.

The daily school run has become more of an obstacle course to avoid the piles of faeces, left by people who have no regard for anyone but themselves. Not only is it unsightly, it is dangerous to health. Then we have those that allow their dogs off lead. A dog off a lead in a residential area can cause a road accident or run away.

And why should a person keeping their dog on a lead have to fear another attack from a dog clearly not in control? Countless times we hear of children getting bitten in horrific attacks, but lessons are still not being learned.

As a nation of animal lovers we claim to love our pets, yet how many are neutered to stop unneeded breeding? How many people have insurance should their dog need very expensive treatment? How many people really take full responsibility for the entire life of their pet?

I know that we have some amazing owners out there who put their dog first and treat them better than their partners, which in some cases, I am sure, is justified but we have a huge number that see nothing but pound signs or are so short sighted that we have many dogs being mistreated or abandoned and dogs charities are struggling to cope.

Dogs can give people so much support and increase a person’s wellbeing, but if you cannot clean up after it, cover the vet bills, exercise it, control it and guarantee that you are there for the duration of its life, then a dog is NOT for you.

Is dog still man’s best friend or just an accessory that is going out of favour?roand po


One thought on “Are Dogs still Man’s Best Friend?

  1. Wow! Excellent post. Just like you, I see in Craigslist so many dogs being “rehome” because they are moving and/or they are expecting a child. I totally agree with you. If a person is not going to be able to fulfill all the needs of a dog is best not to get one.


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