Start your own business?

Why would anyone want to start their own business? Why would anyone want the insecurity of income? The non-stop toil, trying to get recognised and get a customer base?

Not me, I am quite happy working for someone else. Letting them take the strain of providing a service or product. I don’t care that they seem to get some sense of achievement from a project completed.

Who wants to have the independence to develop their dreams? My ideas are firmly locked in my head and even though I know they are good, why would I want to risk everything to see them in reality…

But what if…
Could I make my ideas real? Am i capable? Why do I think I will fail?
I am no less of a person than Richard Branson or Alan Sugar. They started with nothing, so what’s stopping me?

No, I can’t. I will fail, I will look an idiot… but then every Friday night after a few pints, I manage that…

What if I can? I could show everyone around me that I am someone, I am important. I can almost see the kid’s faces now. With my own business I could spend more time with them. Maybe I could pass the business down to them…

No! I am not clever enough to do tax returns and all the paperwork that comes with it, I can only just beat my 9 year old at scrabble…

But… what’s stopping me from learning? There must be someone out there that can advise me and teach me. I got through school, I manage my household, I can get two children to believe that the tooth fairy ran out of £2 coins… so I can clearly think on my feet.

What’s stopping me? Everyone says I can’t do anything, my ideas are silly, I am thinking too big… but didn’t they say that to the geezer that wanted a ‘bag-less vacuum cleaner’? He did pretty well out of it all.

I am stopping me. I am the one holding myself back. Did I listen to everyone else when they said I wasn’t a size 10? No, I wriggled my butt into those trousers. I have drive, I have ideas, I can do anything I set my mind to….

That’s it! I have as much right to try as anyone else, in fact I owe it to myself. My dreams are not going to fester in my head. They may fail but for a moment I will feel alive. I don’t have 9 lives, I can try as many times as I want.

But what IF I have the greatest business in the world just sat in my head waiting to be realised?…

Time to give Independence Road a call…  indep


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